OSL reader made by Zero-Rad


  • [2009] Construction of the first Helios prototype device for the measurement of optically stimulated luminescence together with control electronics and dedicated computer software under the Windows OS. The ability to carry out continuous wave measurements (CW-OSL) using time or spectral separation. Thanks to the use of a sensitive photomultiplier and high optical integrity of the measurement system, good signal-to-noise ratio and high sensitivity of the device at the µGy level for the standard Al2O3:C detector was obtained.
  • [2011-2015] Construction and development of subsequent versions of the Helios reader prototypes equipped with additional modules. Expansion of the software with additional functionalities such as the method of stimulation with short pulses repeated in the cycles of the so-called sampling (OSL-Probe) and equipping the system with a boxcar module to improve measurement statistics. Testing Helios readers by two independent research centers.
  • [2012 – 2017] Scientific publications of research results carried out using the prototypes of OSL Helios readers.
  • [2018] Further improvement of the device performance by changing some control elements and the development of the software with additional functionalities, eg. harmonically modulated stimulation.
  • [2018] Construction of the commercial prototype of the OSL Helios equipped with an additional module of the illuminating ruler and a safe external casing.