OSL reader made by Zero-Rad

Technical Specifications

Photomultiplier (PMT)/ Photon Counting Module Individually selected for UV-VIS-NIR region
Detection filters Slot for detection filter allows for placing short pass filters up to 12 mm thick. Individually selected
Stimulation Module Stimulation module containing 5-15 monochromatic LEDs, individually selected. The module has an independent dual power supply with the possibility of installing two different groups of LED.
Stimulation filters Individually selected
Probe holder Standard holder allows placing samples up to 6 mm in diameter and up to 6 mm in height. The diameter can be extended to 15 mm.
modes of operation CW-OSL (continuous wave OSL)

Isothermal decay (phosphorescence, afterglow)

POSL (pulsed OSL)

VD-OSL (variable delay OSL)

HM-OSL (Harmonically modulated OSL)


PL (photoluminescence)

Fast decay mode

Dual beam operation


Controls The power module system is capable of supplying a DC power up to 14 V and current 2.5 A with the ability to vary the voltage and current. The control circuits provide readability of the data with a resolution of at least 400 ppm and supports pulse time in the range of 1 µs to 86 400 s.

PMT detection module controls the following technical parameters: 24-bit signal processing resolution, frequency of pulse count ≤ 125MHz, full range of pulse counting from 10 us to 34768 s.

Dimensions Length: 245 mm

Width: 110 mm

Height: 260 mm

Weight: 4,8 kg

Power supply and connections AC 230 V, USB 2.0 slot


Software Dedicated software provides real-time luminescence readout and full control of the device. Operates under Microsoft® Windows OS.
Other Build-in illumination system (safe light) for easy sample change